Is transition always a verb?

As I have said before I am a mature lady and this weekend I have had a birthday which could be seen as a significant milestone. In itself that is not a major problem although I do admit that coming up to it I did indulge in some reflection and a degree of trepidation that on a reasonable prediction I have now lived more years than I am likely to live in the future. The upshot of that is the realisation that I have an awful lot of living to do and I must not waste any of it. After all I have spent the majority of my life hiding my true self. There is a lot of catching up to do.

Reading a blog recently the writer was wondering whether Transitioning could ever be anything but a verb. The gist of the post was that transitioning is an ongoing process and that she would always be transitioning or did there come a time when transitioning levels off and it becomes a noun. Her view was that although her transition had plateaued out and she knew what was round the corner, it was looking more and more as if her transition would always be a verb.

I disagree. I have transitioned, end of. I am not thinking about shall I transition, how do I do it, what will people think, how well will I pass. will it be okay? The fact is I have transitioned. This does not mean that I am the finished product. Far from it, I have a lot still to learn to develop, improve. I have however made the from one gender to another. Putting aside the TERFS for a moment, I live my life as the woman I am, albeit a transwoman. I work full time. I work in property. I advise a company with approximately a dozen staff on how to restructure the business. These are things I do as a person. A person who has transitioned. My transition is of no relevance, it matters not. What does matter is whether I am capable or effective at what I am doing.

In the USA the new President Elect has appointed a transgender lady Shawn Skelly, a veteran who was part of President Obama’s team in 2103  to his transition team. She has transitioned and what matters is whether she can do the job well. Also for the first time there is a transgender senator in Delaware, Sarah McBride. Someone who has transitioned. There were several other transgender candidates elected to office. 

The point I am making is that we go through a period of transition and then come out the other side having transitioned and get on with life. In my case there are many areas in which I need to improve post transition. Cis people work on themselves to improve and develop as well. It seems to me following transition, I need to get on and lead a normal life, both in my work and socially while still continuing to work on my development in all areas.

Doing this will be the best response I can give to the transphobes .So I had better get on with living my life t the full for the time I have left.

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