Speaking up

Sometimes I have no clear idea of what I want to blog about. Today is one of those days. Usually I have some trans related thoughts going on which lead me to a post. In the last week I have been struck how the transition chatter has disappeared, for now at least and who knows maybe truly disappeared. My concentration now in terms of transition is simply to achieve the best transition I am able to do. There is a great deal to be done yet, I just have to do it.

Losing that chatter has allowed space for other matters which have been there to come forward. I often think about social justice or more accurately social injustice. I have referred to male privilege in the context of transition. However I am also aware that when I left the safety of living with my friends to move closer to my work I played it really safe and picked a “nice” country market town where I hoped I would be able to live without too much trouble and transphobic behaviour. It has turned out that way and apart from people clocking you are trans and looking rather obviously and the frequent mis-gendering, clearly deliberately, I am left to live quietly here.

So when the town’s Facebook page had a post asking the people in our town who feel passionately about the environment (basically litter and build no more houses)  that each and every one of us can extend their local outrage to local and national structural inequalities that we tend to overlook from our ivory towers. The writer asks that there be a focus on the inequality of Roma Gypsy and traveller communities, the governments desire to take away our civil liberties and suggests that it is time to use some of their energy used to protect are lovely fields to promote social equality and to start having the uncomfortable conversations the community consistently turns its face away from for some reason.

Well that touched a nerve. I came here so that I would feel safe, the community would probably be too “nice” to be difficult. Yet I care about the issues the writer raised. I have been feeling impotent about this government. What can one person do? That is really a cop out. One person gets together with another and another and a movement builds.

I have considerable respect for a blogger, Claire Flourish who rights consistently about trans rights and is active politically though I am afraid I have wondered what effect it really has.

So what do I do next. The writer of the post has suggested an evening meeting (wine optional) when restrictions lift. I feel the next step will be to send a PM to her and attend such an evening when it happens. 

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