Beyond Parody

I am making an exception in that I do not want to use this blog as a political platform in anyway, apart from commenting from time to time about transphobia which is a political issue.

However, following my last post on Integrity I am so wound up by the present situation  with this government that I do not feel able to just ignore it. There are serious issues to be considered in the world at the moment, the Russian Army sitting on the borders of Ukraine, an energy crisis, not unrelated to matters concerning Russia and gas pipelines, a real cost of living and inflation crisis and yet all the government’s efforts are concerned in trying to bolster the situation of the current Prime Minister from an astonishing array of “mistakes” as he is wont to explain it.

It is simply ludicrous that Minister after Minister is wheeled out to spout a whole load of meaningless bullet points saying the Prime Minister has got it right on the big issues so he should be supported.

On top of that the Police are involved with investigating events that have taken place in Downing Street and yet another investigation has been launched concerning an allegation of Islamophobia. What is the Prime Ministers response “ I took it very seriously 18 months ago when it was first raised and I take it very seriously now” and has set up an inquiry to push it off into the long grass again. Not that seriously or else he would have done something eighteen months ago. Anyone with any integrity would resign. Not launch Save Big Dog and Operation Red Meat, sending out Ministers to defend the indefensible. The only people holding the Government to account are the Good Law Project crowdfunded by the public who have had enough. They have even had to bring litigation against the Metropolitan Police to try and persuade them to investigate potential crimes!

What a mess. My main concern apart from not enjoying being taken for stupid, is that any faith in politics has been eroded. Politicians are generally seen as being self-serving and corrupt. Trying to find a politician who appears to be sincere and have the interests of their constituents and the country before anything else appears to be a rarity. Indeed if someone appears to stand up against the governing clique efforts are made to disparage them or even it appears to damage their reputations. I accept there are probably more decent politicians in the House of Commons than it would seem. I only hope they will find the backbone to stand up and be counted.

It has to be time for a compete change of the system and rid ourselves of the First Past the Post system, to move to a form of proportional representation which I consider would protect the electorate from the abuses of government we are now seeing. 

I would welcome a Progressive Alliance of political parties to join forces to oust this failing government having previously agreed electoral reform as part of their pact. 

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