I really feel as if I am surrounded by chaos, it all seems a bit surreal. I do not pretend to be an expert, simply a mature trans woman trying to meander my way through a reasonably straightforward life. I know that I have become much more aware since transitioning, largely because I no longer need to hide and I can be myself so I notice more of life around me. It is still a learning curve. 

So what’s the problem? So much doesn’t seem to make sense. 

This week there is a real concern, consternation that Russia my invade Ukraine. I really find that so difficult to conceive. It has to be lunacy have we learnt nothing from history. It seems to me a real possibility that an invasion might happen. I had been putting it down to a case of severe sabre rattling by President Putin to persuade Western countries to agree deals over energy and defence and that nobody would actually allow there to be a war. Yet diplomacy does not seem to be bringing any positive results. 

Double speak abounds, President Putin says he wants diplomacy and has no intention of invading Ukraine, yet he promotes in his National media that the US is the aggressor moving troops into NATO countries and that Russia has the right to defend itself. There is talk of a false flag attack on Russia by pro-Russian activists so that gives a reason for Russia to defend themselves.

I find it hard to understand how leaders play these games putting so many people’s lives at risk in the event. As someone said to me today, “the world is run by a group of male psychopaths”. It makes me feel God help us all.

Then there is the continuing debate over the EHRC. The Good Law Project is getting behind the challenge as to whether it is fit for purpose any longer. The barrister who attacked Stonewall’s trans inclusion advice is appointed to the Equalities watchdog role and a new Chair is appointed Baroness Falkner, who after her appointment held meetings and gave it seems one sided access to a transphobic group founded by Nicola Williams called Fair Play for Women. According to an article I have read in Vice similar access was not given to groups supporting trans rights. Equally access was given to the founders of the LGB Alliance a gender critical group.

Subsequently, under the new influences the ECHR have become more critical of gender identity and are advocating  for existing rights to be reconsidered and for proposed reforms of the GRA to be delayed for further consultation. The former Chair of the EHRC, David Isaacs has said that that the EHRC has become political following the appointment of Liz Truss when she announced that the new Chair Baroness Falkner “would drive (her) agenda forward” and “challenge dangerous group think”. David Isaacs view is “that and independent regulator shouldn’t be in a position where the governments of the day can actually influence the appointments of that body to support a particular ideology”. This seems to be exactly what is happening and why the ECHR may lose its UN Grade A status as an independent body.

It all just seems to me a bit Alice in Wonderland , the lunatics have taken over the asylum, which I appreciate lacks critical thought or reasoning but whatever happened to common sense or balance. It just seems to me that everything, not just the issues referred to here, is becoming polarised and that this could have dire consequences.

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