Trans enough

This is something that I have only come to terms with very recently. In fact the realisation has made me feel rather uncomfortable. Recently I have joined an LGTB+ social group, something I have shied away from previously. However, having relocated to a new area several hundred miles away from my previous location I registered with an App to see what there was going on socially. The App threw up this LGBT+ social club and I have been to a couple of events now.

It has been good, I have felt comfortable and chatted to a mix of people. Probably because I have been on a singular journey, “my journey” I realise I have been really blinkered and if I am honest judgemental of other trans people on their journeys. I have had my goals and it would seem I have unconciously applied my goals to everybody else. My concept of what being a trans woman is, what feels right for me is mine. What feels right for other people is theirs. I am completely wrong to make any judgments about other people.

I get the whole gender thing is a spectrum. I am more than likely at one end of the spectrum. Speaking to people who are non-binary, gender fluid at different stages of their trans journey brought home to me how I had not been accepting of other people, tending to think they were not trans enough. Surely they could make more of an effort……

Talking to my friends they reminded me how I was when I started out, that people have different goals, are at different places on the spectrum. I have completely altered my view and am embarrassed at my previous behaviour. I will work on being open, supportive and accepting of others going forward.

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