Settling in

I am self-isolating. I am taking the necessary precautions recommended and washing my hands frequently so `I am hoping I will be safe and come through this fit and healthy

I miss not being able to go the beauty salon for my electrolysis which although that was painful, the whole experience added to my femininity visiting the salon, absorbing the ambiance, having a pedicure, waxing, eye lashes extensions, a massage all things I would never have done before transition. I miss the girly chats with my therapist all so natural.  However until I am able to return it is an opportunity for self-care that I would not have otherwise had and I do not want to waste it.

I am really glad I have transitioned before this virus arrived I feel better about fighting it.  I have a real desire to beat it as I have a life to lead; now so many years to catch up. In all honesty I would not have been too fussed if I had succumbed before.

I have realised this week , having had more time on my hands, been on HRT for over a year now and I am surprised at the subtle but consistent changes that it keeps on giving. I had thought that with the fourteen years of self -medication on phyto-estrogens my breasts had developed as nature had intended. I was wrong. HRT has initiated more changes, I continue to grow nothing dramatic, subtle changes and increased sensitivity. The regrowth of body hair has slowed and is really manageable. What is difficult to assess are the changes in body shape since these happen so slowly yet I feel they are happening. Of course too slowly, but then what woman is entirely happy with their body shape.I will need to build a new routine…until the next post.

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