On my own

Sadly, I am of an age that is covered by the request to self-isolate though this virus pandemic. In fact it is likely in the very near future it will not be a matter of choice. What does that mean for my transition. The first casualty is an appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist who has emailed me today with an appointment for Wednesday. Short notice in any event. Also I am slightly shocked by her fee, £400 for a one hour appointment. As my surgery is going to have to be rearranged, presently booked for June, then there is little point in obtaining the updated referral until I know when the surgery is likely to be, at this rate sometime away.

So how do I continue with my transition while I am in isolation? I see it as if it is like a cocoon in which I can grow and develop into the rounded woman I want to be. So many opportunities to develop skills and not be in the public eye.

I can work on my voice, my deportment, perfect walking in heels, my make-up and how to master my hair. In relation to my hair I can buy whatever I need in terms of a heated brush and practice, practice, practice. When I am permitted to emerge from my isolation my hair will probably be shoulder length, where I want it to be, maybe even past my shoulders.

I guess the idea in my head is that when the period of isolation is over I will be able to leave the house head held high, looking groomed and together having had an unexpected opportunity to work on and develop the woman I am.

If something untoward should happen then I will at least have been doing all that I can to be the best that I can be.

None of this would be possible without the huge unselfish support of the couple with whom I share a house. They have made it quite clear that I am not to put myself at risk and have provided me with my own very comfortable space in the house until this is all over. I am overwhelmed and deeply touched by their care.

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