Christmas Spirit

It seems that the spirit of Christmas is lacking from the Equalities Minister. Liz Truss. In a speech recently linked the protection of single sex safe spaces for women, with the grooming of children by paedophile gangs. It is so depressing that this argument continues to be bandied about. There is no evidence that the use of single sex safe spaces (most commonly used to cover toilets) is under threat. There is already sufficient provision in the Equality Act to provide exemptions where this is a real issue of safety.

I have largely dismissed these thoughts from my daily life, having decided that the best way of dealing with transphobia is to lead as normal a life as I can and show by example that this transwoman is not a threat to anyone. However, when I hear these comments it does make me feel excluded and frankly persecuted. Why on earth can trans people not be allowed to live their lives peacefully.

Paris Lees recently tweeted that she has been silent for a while as she reflects on what it means to be a transwoman in Britain in 2020. She adds that she has a lot to say in 2021. The period of living through this virus and its various lockdowns, tiers has caused me to reflect on how I want to live my life and although I do not want to be strident it does seem to me that simply being quiet is not enough and comments such as that made by Liz Truss need to be challenged.

So in 2021 I feel I may have more to say. In the meantime I wish everyone, everywhere a peaceful Christmas free from persecution.

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