Small steps

This week I came across a tweet by comedian Jane Godley where she stands up for being a trans ally. In the simplest of terms she says:-

“ I support Trans people, I haven’t swallowed a pill or am too woke so please just block me because you telling me what I should do and how I should think WON’T WORK- abusing me online won’t change me into thinking how you think. That’s not how it works-peace”.

What a simple straightforward statement. No trying to justify why or arguing a case. She has said what she feels.

This week we have also had President Joe Biden revoking the Executive Order banning transgender people from serving the in their  Armed Forces. The discrimination in the USA is beginning to be rolled back, at least in theory! These steps will make transphobes any less transphobic in fact it will probably add fuel to the fire in the short term. The Gender Critical in the US have already started complaining that President Biden is sacrificing womens’ rights.

It is the third anniversary to day of  “Trans Britain Our Journey from the Shadows” a book by Christine Burns MBE. She has also written an amazingly insightful thread about the history of trans rights on a thread for What The Trans where she points out that Trans rights to non-discrimination are based in the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975, twenty five years before they were carried forward into the Equality Act 2010.

I am reading this book and the information has widened my understanding and I feel should be a must read for anyone who is Trans or a Trans ally. I suppose I am gathering the background to be more vocal based on information and not just emotion.

Jane Godley’s simple statement I found inspiring.

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