False hope

Maybe it was false hope last week that the tide is turning against Gender Critical Transphobia. I hope it is just a blip and in the longer term there really is progress being made. Certainly, I do see more vocal or social media support for trans people by the general population than recently. It is as if the strident abuse has reached a level were ordinary people are saying hang on a minute this is going too far.

Needless to say this has not filtered its way through to the media where the consistent one sided reporting has escalated with the situation over Dr Stocks at Sussex University.

This weekend there has been the tragic murder of Sir David Amess. Quite apart from any political considerations or leanings this level of violence against someone simply trying to perform his job is shocking. It has now been classed as a Terrorist incident.

Apart from this appalling act of violence, what has shocked me though is how the media have managed to weave into this appalling tragedy political point scoring. On the one hand there are discussions about improving security and what needs to be done to protect MPs, and others, going about their work and then on the other hand there is finger pointing saying such things as the language used by Angela Rayner incites and encourages violence. 

What I had noticed was how  some trans activists expected someone to pick up the narrative that somehow Sir David Amess’ tragic death could be linked to the trans war. My thoughts were don’t be silly. Today Joanna Cherry Q.C  has managed it! In an article in the Daily Record today she writes about “the rise in abuse towards politicians following the murder of Sir David Amess”. A reasonable stance to take. Many politicians have spoken about the level of abuse they have received.  Joanna Cherry goes on to make it clear that “some politicians, public bodies and institutions have been guilty of reinforcing intolerance. My experience is that a category of women in our public life has been created who can be bullied intimidated and threatened with impunity.”  That category of women are the Gender Critical. I just feel a bit of despair that everything has to be the fault of trans people. A day just focusing on the tragic death of a politician, it would seem by a radicalised terrorist, without bring in the culture wars would have been a change.

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