Watch this space

What can anyone say with what is going on in Europe. It totally beggars belief that one man can cause such a humanitarian disaster and such trauma to so many people on his belief that the clock should be turned back to recreate a Soviet bloc, to create a legacy. Basically a one man mission not supported in his country other than those who have bought into his propaganda that Russia is under threat, that Ukrainians are shelling themselves and put ting outfake news that Russia is the aggressor…really?

In all of the chaos and trauma there is the evidence and bravery of individuals standing up for what they believe in, truly amazing. Civilians picking up arms to defend themselves and their country.

Even more so it makes me realise how lucky we are not to be trekking half  way across Europe with just a suitcase or some carrier bags containing all of our worldly goods. To appreciate what is around us.

It also has highlighted the endemic racism found so much in countries, reportedly coloured people having problems crossing borders into safe haven countries. The distinction that these refugees are “people like us”, Europeans….. different from all the refugees and displaced people from the wars in Syria and other countries. It highlights the struggle of minorities, ethnic or otherwise. 

What has also been highlighted is the enormous influence Russia and Russian money has in relation to the present Government and the reluctance to act quickly in respect of imposing sanctions. I hope there will be a knock on effect that means corruption, the purchasing of influence, of honours may at last come under proper scrutiny, though it should not have taken a war for this to be the case.

It still feels out of this world, surreal, watching the events unfold in our sitting rooms, impotent to do anything effective, seeing the Russian Army shelling nuclear power stations wondering what if? What will President Putin do next? It feels as if he has a win at all cost approach which frankly is frightening.

At home this week too, Scotland has introduced the Bill to reform the Gender Recognition Act. As was expected this has sparked off the debate between the gender criticals to spout their objections. It will be interesting to see how the vote goes. There have been some really supportive speeches dismantling the gender critical view and sticking to the point which is the proposed reforms do not change the right to single sex spaces. To do that there needs to be reform of the Equality Act and that apparently is not on the Government agenda. Amazingly there have been clear statements confirming that from Ministers.

Where will these events be in a week’s time, could there be a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine, will the Scottish Parliament have reformed the Gender Recognition Act. As ever one is left just watching this space.

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