Two weeks is a long time

It has been two weeks since I posted a blog. A lot has happened in just two weeks. I have moved from England to Scotland moving in to a house share with the friends I had previously shared a house. So far the move has exceeded expectations. It is lovely to be living with compatible people again, to be made so welcome. Surprisingly living on one’s own for over two years has made for some interesting adjustments, all good.

The house is 50 yards from the sea, in fact it is possible to see the sea from the window of my room, something I did not expect. I am able to daily walks along the path running along the shore line. I am already seeing the benefit. The whole feeling of the country is one of open countryside and less people. Scottish motorways are another education. Having lived within five miles of the M4, always constantly busy, the sparsity of traffic on motorways up here is a huge contrast.

So what else has Scotland brought in these two weeks. The Scottish Green Party has severed links with the Green Party of England and Wales over their inability to deal with the transphobia of the GPEW members including senior members. 

Nicola Sturgeon has expressed her deeply held support for transgender people standing by the proposed Gender Reforms before the Scottish Parliament. Indeed she expressed very clearly that there were many more challenging threats to women which should be concerning feminists than the trans issues.

Also in Scotland J.K. Rowling has cranked up her attacks calling Nicola Sturgeon a destroyer of woman and scab on a T shirt she was wearing. Also JKR has challenged the presumption of innocence in relation to transgender people! Basically saying, presuming transgender people are a threat unless proven otherwise! JKR has also attacked Graham Norton who frankly said nothing contentious, suggesting that maybe instead of listening to celebrities people should talk to the people involved and to appropriate experts. The pile on has been sufficient for him to close his Twitter account today. This all seems so unhinged. The only way forward is for there to be a sensible discussion without the heat.

Then back in England you really couldn’t make it up with what is going on in Westminster. In the last two weeks a new government has completely tanked the economy with radical policies which involved huge amounts of borrowing. The Bank of England has been desperately trying to support the economy as it collapses around us. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has been requested to resign with a letter saying the PM still stands by the policies…..! The government is in disarray a new chancellor has been appointed who within one day has revoked virtually all of the previous chancellors policies. The P.M. appears to be unable to command her thoughts other than repeating her mantra of low taxes and growing the economy, or as she puts it growing the economy. It seems virtually nobody agrees with her approach where she has become a laughing stock. I have never seen anything remotely approaching this level of chaos. The P.M has been in post for 39 days and already allegedly one hundred letter of no confidence have been lodged requesting she be replaced. That has to be a record in its own right. I would not be surprised if the P.M is no longer in post by the time I write the blog post next week. The Mirror has a competition to see whether a wet lettuce can outlast her. I suspect it will. 

The only thing which stands any hope of resolving this chaos must be a General Election. Another unelected P.M. making up, changing policy at whim far from the mandate cannot be tolerated again.

A small thing. but I understand since taking office the P.M has yet to speak to the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales. Really? I can only hope my adopted country manages to obtain its independence before too long and can be free of Westminster. 

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