Same old

Well what a week since my last post. I have mainly tried to avoid politics however at the moment politics seems to be in your face day in day out. So since my last post we have lost a Prime Minister and gained another. I wanted a general election but as yet that is not to be. 

The new one promises “integrity, professionalism and accountability” throughout his government at all levels. Sounds promising, there might be hope that some standards might actually be re-introduced into politics? Let us see what happens. From my own self interest I was concerned that the dreaded Suella Bravermann, who had given her support to his leadership bid, had even before he had been formally appointed asked that the new Prime Minister “tackle trans ideology. At that point she had resigned as Home Secretary for breaches of the ministerial code. Today she has been re-appointed as Home Secretary, a mere six days after her resignation to the same post. So much for integrity and accountability.

On trans issues Kimi Badenoch has been appointed Equalities Minister. A Minister who openly espouses anti trans views, described transwomen as men as well as banning gender neutral toilets as part of her leadership campaign and has expressed the view that the Equalities Act needs to be amended to protect women’s rights. These two appointments alone make me glad that I have relocated to Scotland a mere two weeks ago. My consultant psychiatrist was right in the view he expressed that it would be best to leave England.

However, forgetting my self interest of trans issues, it is deeply concerning to me that the new Prime Minister has appointed as Chairman of their Party a former Chancellor of the Exchequer who remains under investigation for his financial affairs. This has to be something the new Prime Minister was aware of from the time he was himself Chancellor of the Exchequer as the investigation concerns the HMRC for which he had ultimate responsibility.

At the end of the day what might have been a new beginning seems to be turning to a case of the same old, same old….routine putting party before the needs of the country. A Prime Minister foisted on the country without any mandate from the people.

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