T Central

T Central “Just a mondo of Trans related blogs”. 

I find it hard to accept the word “just”. Having found T – Central by chance it became essential daily reading and from it I gained a real insight into what it meant to be trans, the difficulties, the hardships and the challenges which come with embarking on this journey. It also showed me that transitioning was really possible.

I followed real life blogs of people actually transitioning and their blogs were above all honest. Many of the blogs are about people in the United States and Canada. Before finding T Central the only person I had followed was the site of Dr Becky Allison a Cardiologist who had  transitioned.

The first blog I followed consistently was My Road to Womanhood (now only available by invitation), which morphed into My Road Redux. This showed me that someone could transition, could tell the children, could still earn a living and blossom into a really beautiful lady. I shared her tribulations and both the good days and the bad days, I shared her continued passion for cars. Through her blog I came across Cassidy of Cassidy’s Quest. Wow, one sassy lady who shares her life, her tribulations her successes and has also grown into a wonderful lady with her mane of red hair.

There are many others, in the UK, Jenny of Large Blooming Flower resonated with me, showing the realities of transitioning, Retrobass girl too. So why am I talking about this?

I realised to transition for me I needed to be aware of the reality. It was not going to be a walk in the park. You do not just get up one day and it’s all fine. It takes time, it needs preparation. Unless you are very fortunate and transition at an early age before the testosterone has done its worst then it is almost inevitable there will be a period of presenting as a “man in a dress”. 

With practice it has got better and in time my aim is to blend so that I do not stand out and would really be pleased if I ever reached the stage where I pass (which clearly the aforementioned Cassidy does to the extent that a co-worker who had never known her pre transition had no idea about her previous incarnation).

Without the resource of T Central, I would not have been prepared for my transition. When blocks came in the way or I suffered setbacks or got disheartened I knew from the experience of others this was how it is and this helped me weather the storms on this journey.

I hope that if and when my blog grows and is found, then I too will be able to contribute to the experience and reality of what transitioning means and in my way express the gratitude I feel to all those who have walked this path before me and shared their experiences.

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