Gender Recognition Certificate

I have received an email from the Gender Recognition Panel, my application has been listed for hearing. I had begun to wonder when it would be having applied last October and the twenty week listing period having expired some weeks ago. It will take another twenty days to notify me of the outcome This will either be no, yes or we need more information.

I had been in two minds whether to apply or not for some time as the major impact seems to me psychological as the only real right I gain is the right to be buried in my adopted, authentic gender as well as acquiring a birth certificate in my authentic gender. That would of course make my life easier though at this stage of my life the need to produce a birth  certificate seems to be minimal. I cannot remember the last time that I was asked for one.

Why did I apply in the end. My Consultant Psychologist who is very senior in the Gender Identity Community, although he has recently moved to another senior position not in England, said that the way the Gender issue is being pushed by the government in England could mean restrictions on trans people who do not have a Gender Recognition Certificate. Coming from a leading professional who had already assisted me in changing both my Passport and Driving Licence and was confirming my transition. I had planned to wait for the Scottish Government to make their reforms as my birth certificate is Scottish and the Scottish Parliament are committed to make reforms in relation to obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate by way of self ID. However his advice seemed to be something I should not ignore. So I applied.

Now the decision is imminent I am quite anxious as to whether it will be granted. Since applying there has been a significant increase in transphobia and the dreaded single sex spaces argument and in recent weeks there has been a noticeable fight back setting out clearly that the proposed changes, reforms to the Gender Recognition Act have no effect whatsoever on the issue of single sex spaces and that if they want to change the law on that then they have to argue for changes to the Equality Act. Fortunately, the relevant Minister has stated categorically that the government have no plans to do so.

So on Wednesday my application will be considered and in due course I will know whether the various letters showing I have been living in my acquired gender, along with the letters confirming my diagnosis prove to be sufficient. Fingers crossed he panel accepts what I already know for certain, I am a trans woman.

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